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The Great Word House library supports teachers and students with a wide variety of workbooks, lesson plans and teacher guides that complement our online program.

OG Spelling & Reading Program, 35 Lesson Plans

35 Lesson Plans - An Orton‑Gillingham Reading & Spelling Program

The program begins at Level 1 where students learn to read and spell 1-syllable words with short vowels. Gradually, spelling rules, Sight Words and word families are introduced. By Level 4 the student has learned to read and spell all 1-syllable words with consonant clusters, digraphs, short vowels and basic suffixes.

My Book Of Words 1 Student Booklet

My Book Of Words

My Book of Words 1 is a Great Word House™ student workbook that provides practice for beginning readers and writers.

The booklet reviews spelling rules, phonics and basic suffixes. It may be used in conjunction with the Great Word House™ 35 Lesson Plans for teachers.

Building the Foundation: The Alphabet

Building The Foundation:
The Alphabet

“Building the Foundation” introduces students to the alphabet using the Orton‑Gillingham Approach. Designed especially for dyslexic students, this teacher guide and workbook includes a comprehensive series of multisensory drills to help students learn the names of the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Learning The Alphabet Sequence Student Booklet

Learning The Alphabet Sequence

When teaching the alphabet, it is important to learn the sequence and the language of sequence. The GWH resource “Learning the Alphabet Sequence” contains student exercises to help students learn the 26 letters in the English alphabet and sequence they occur in. Worksheets begin with simple exercises and gradually work up to more complex sequences using both lower case and upper case letters.

Learning Letter Formation Student Booklet

Learning Letter Formation

Handwriting is an important tool for students to master and a necessary first step in effortless written expression. The Great Word House™ resource “Learning Letter Formation Student Booklet” teaches handwriting in cursive and print. Each book includes both lower and upper case letters.

Learning Sight Words Student Booklet

Learning Sight Words

The Great Word House™ presents a handy selection of 180 Sight Words or High Frequency words that promote reading and writing fluency. Every language lesson needs to include instruction of these important words that occur in every sentence we speak, read and write. This book includes practice sheets for students with motivating games and flash cards.

These worksheets can accompany any lesson plan and are particularly helpful for Orton‑Gillingham teachers, Special Education and English as a Second Language instructors. Home school parents will find this selection a comprehensive first step for their elementary level children.

Fluency Word Lists Lists 1 - 12

Fluency Word Lists

Fluency word lists contain hundreds of lists of words organized in an Orton‑Gillingham sequence. They are sorted according to syllable type: Closed, open, magic e, vowel team, r-controlled and -cle. The lists are further broken down moving from simple to more complex patterns. These spelling pattern lists can be used to enhance  reading and spelling fluency. Many activities are included.

Alphabet & Digraph Lesson Plans

Alphabet & Digraph Lesson Plans

This is the first book in a series used to introduce new graphemes. The book contains teacher scripts, multisensory drill and a lesson plan with activities. This book covers all the new graphemes for level 1 and 2. A bonus feature is a section providing all the ways the grapheme is used in spelling and its multiple pronunciations. This will alert the teacher to  possible confusions that should be avoided.


The Great Word House™ is created for you: teachers, parents, educators and instructors. This program is Everything OG© providing you with lesson plans, support materials, instructional videos, and an easy to follow Scope and Sequence.

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