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The Great Word House™ program is an interactive teaching tool for Kindergarten, Elementary, ESL, ELL, Orton‑Gillingham/M-SL and homeschool teachers.

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The Great Word House™ program is an interactive teaching tool for Kindergarten, Elementary, ESL, ELL, Orton‑Gillingham/Structured Literacy and homeschool teachers.
Use this powerhouse to create lesson plans for any grade level, class or individual student.

The Great Word House™ program is included in our certified teacher training programs that run throughout the year on-site or online.

Take our Orton‑Gillingham Practical Linguistics™ courses and use the Great Word House™ program to launch your Orton‑Gillingham/Structured Literacy career. You will have hundreds of lesson plans and word lists at your finger tips.

Interactive teaching tools and courses


If you wish to register, please complete the online registration form or download, print, and mail the registration form.

Click here to download the Registration Form for Orton‑Gillingham: Practical Linguistics© Certificate Course

Payment can be completed online or mailed in with your registration form. Cheques/money orders must state your name and session for which you are registering.

ONLINE Orton‑Gillingham: Practical Linguistics© Part 1


Who can attend: Educators, parents, professionals involved in education
40-hour course. 20 teaching modules including teaching demonstrations, assignments, readings, and quizzes.

Days:  T.B.D.
Location:  Online
Cost:  $940 + HST –  Includes a 1 year subscription to The Great Word House™ (GWH) program.


Our Part 1 course consists of 15 easy to follow modules. Each module includes a lecture, readings, self-assessment, video recordings and assignments using the Great Word House™. You will receive a starter kit, including a manual and drill packs.


ONLINE INTENSIVE Orton‑Gillingham:
Practical Linguistics©, Part 2

Dates:  T.B.D.

Orton‑Gillingham: Practical Linguistics©, Part 3

This course focuses on morphology, linguistics, expository and narrative writing, syntax and grammar, vocabulary acquisition, language across the curriculum, particularly mathematics. Assessment and therapy options for a range of learning disabilities will be addressed, emphasizing the distinctions between them.

Who can attend: Teachers, O-G Practitioners, Speech-Language Pathologists
Course Length: 7 days / 55 hours
Location: Claremont School, 70 Silver Birch Avenue, Toronto, ON M4E 3K9
Cost: $1,500

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