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The Great Word House™ program is an interactive teaching tool for Kindergarten, Elementary, ESL, ELL, Orton‑Gillingham/M-SL and homeschool teachers. Anglo Saxon Lesson Plans build foundational literacy skills. Latin and Greek Morphology Lesson Plans build comprehension and prepare students for High School, SAT’s and entrance exams to college/university. Use this powerhouse to create lesson plans for any grade level, class or individual student.

Teacher Training is included! The Great Word House™ team will provide on-site Teacher Training and our program will deliver quality controlled lesson plans, saving time for teachers and supervisors.




Decide on your lesson objective: Consonants, Short Vowels, Vowel Teams, Digraphs, Magic e, Prefixes, Roots and Suffixes.

Then, with a few clicks The Great Word House™ will provide you with a lesson complete with word lists, passages and sentences all based on your choice.




We have Drill Card Packs, Alphabet Strips, Words on Cards, Phonology Drills, Games.

Tracking Sheets


Tracking sheets are included in each and every lesson.



Our cross-referenced essential sight word lists are included in every lesson.

    • Graphemes & Syllables
    • Clusters
    • Anglo-Saxon Affixes
    • Latin Root
    • Latin Prefixes
    • Latin Suffixes
    • Greek Combining Forms

Teachers have freedom and flexibility to make lesson plans targeting any linguistic objective from letter-sound association, blends, vowels, syllable types, prefixes, suffixes, Latin and Greek stems to spelling rules. Lessons include word lists and sentences for spelling and reading, and passages fluency and integration of concepts. Additional enrichment worksheets and games can be chosen to support lessons. Videos explain all procedures and concepts efficiently and clearly.

Whether you are in a school, reading clinic or home-based learning environment, The Great Word House™ is an essential tool for providing systematic, quality-controlled lessons that ensure your students get the best language instruction and accelerate learning. Based on a practical linguistic approach, validated by reading research and field tested at the Claremont School, The Great Word House™ is a responsive pedagogical partner that no English teacher should be without.

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