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Does GWH™ use the Orton‑Gillingham Approach?

GWH™ has a comprehensive Scope and Sequence that incorporates and extends the principles of the Orton‑Gillingham Approach.

How can the GWH help my students?

GWH™ is an Orton‑Gillingham database, which provides hundreds of customized lesson plans for all students of English whether they are in Kindergarten or preparing for college. Lessons promote reading fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, spelling, writing fluency, auditory memory, and visual discrimination. Motivating games and supplementary materials provide a broad range of support for all students.

What else does the GWH offer besides lesson plans?

The GWH™ has hundreds of lesson plans based on syllable type, spelling patterns and morphemes. It also has videos explaining key concepts and demonstrating methodology. There is an extensive library of resources for the classroom and tutor, such as letter formation activities, drill packs, students booklets, word wheels, games and tracking tools.

What is a GWH™ Lesson Plan?

A GWH Lesson Plan has all the Orton‑Gillingham elements presented in simple steps that build on one another. Starting from linking letters to sounds, the lesson plan progresses from reading words to reading sentences and passages. It also includes words and sentences for dictation.

What is the GWH sequence?

The GWH curriculum is organized into 15 levels. Levels 1 – 2 teach Closed syllables with short vowels, and subsequent levels progress through more complex syllable types and letter combinations, such as, Magic e, R-controlled, Vowel Teams, Open and Consonant-L-e. Final levels teach silent letters, Latin and Greek morphology.

Who Can Use GWH?

The GWH interactive lesson planner is designed for all teachers of English whether they are ESL, kindergarten, elementary or high school teachers. Our lessons can be delivered by tutors or home school parents in one-on-one or small classes or by teachers in larger classrooms.
Teachers will need training in the Orton‑Gillingham Approach. 

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