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The Great Word House™ is created for you: teachers, parents, educators, instructors.

4 key elements

The Great Word House™ Program is an interactive teaching tool for Kindergarten, Elementary, ESL, ELL, Orton‑Gillingham/M-SL and homeschool teachers. Anglo Saxon Lesson Plans build foundational literacy skills. Latin and Greek Morphology Lesson Plans build comprehension and prepare students for High School, SAT’s and entrance exams to college/university. Use this powerhouse to create lesson plans for any grade level, class or individual student.


Multisensory learning is the theory that individuals learn better if they are taught using more than one sense (modality). The senses usually employed in multisensory learning are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile – VAKT (i.e. seeing, hearing, doing, and touching).


Phonology is a branch of linguistics concerned with the systematic organization of sounds in languages. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify and manipulate the individual phonemes within a spoken word and is crucial for learning the letter-sound relationships in our language. Phonemic awareness refers to auditory discrimination and auditory memory skills and does not involve the printed representation of the sound. Phonemic awareness skills are one of the most important predictors of learning to read fluently. Please see a sample of GWH™ exercises designed to promote phonemic awareness.

Lesson Plans

A lesson plan is a teacher’s detailed description of the course of instruction or “learning trajectory” for a lesson. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide class learning. Create your own lesson plans using our Anglo-Saxon resource database which ranges from beginning levels with short vowels to advanced vowel teams in 2-syllable words with affixes.


In linguistics, morphology is the study of words, how they are formed, and their relationship to other words in the same language. Latin and Greek lesson plans focus on morphological analysis of words, and teach vocabulary based on a single root, prefix, suffix or Greek Combining Form. Extensive comprehension activities are included in each lesson plan.



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