Professional Development

Whether your staff needs to augment their knowledge of linguistics, writing, math and assessment, or just needs a refreshing new pedagogical approach, we are ready to share our expertise.


Our team of professionals are available for workshops and professional development days. We can customize our presentations to meet your needs. Here is a sample of popular workshops:


  • An Introduction to Orton‑Gillingham Practical Linguistics™
  • Teaching Multisensory Numeracy
  • Starting An Orton‑Gillingham Pre-school Literacy Program
  • From Sentence to Paragraph
  • Concept Maps for Novel Studies
  • Phonemic Awareness: The Spelling Connection
  • Orton‑Gillingham Across the Curriculum
  • Math Games for Parents and Teachers
  • Using Deductive and Inductive Reasoning in Narrative Writing
  • Sentence Patterns: Writing Foundation Series
  • Towards a New Model of Narrative Writing
  • So You Want to Start a Reading Clinic
  • What Recent Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Tell Us About Academic Success
  • How Syllabication Promotes Reading Fluency
  • Basic and Advanced Morphology

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