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"The Great Word House is a crucial tool for all teachers. It is the missing link between initial teacher training and effective teaching."


Mia, Grade 7

"Using the Great Word House changed my life! With a click of a button I could generate my lesson plans easily. With more free time it allowed me to make interactive games for my students and could integrate the pre-generated word cards that the program provided. The Great Word House can help any teacher with language instruction, even if you do not teach Orton‑Gillingham."

Nicole, OG/Practical Linguistics Teacher

"Combined with OG training from Evelyn Reiss, The Great Word House™ makes each class a joy for both the student and the teacher. Great Word House™ allows for individualized programming which targets each student’s specifics needs. The support games and videos are amazing! I recommend it to English teachers of all ages."

Ms. Ara, Grade 7

"The Great Word House is an extremely useful tool to help plan your lessons! It allows you to create focused, on target lessons with ease! The lesson provides you not only with wordlists, sentences and passages, but also explanations on how to deliver each aspect of your lesson."

Melody, Grade 5/6

"Lesson planning for multiple students can be incredibly time consuming. The GWH cuts down on my lesson planning time by giving me the essentials of every lesson. The program allows me to print word cards directly from the source - so it even saves me the copy, paste and reformatting time. Even when I am reviewing the same concept for several lessons, it produces new material to work with. The GWH is truly indispensable!"

Miss Peddle, Grade 6