Video Tutorials

Tutorials to guide you in navigating the Great Word House.

Enjoy the Tutorials

In a few easy steps, our tutorial videos will show you how to use the Great Word House™. The videos below demonstrate how to set up individual classes, find phonology activities, make lesson plans, and access our video library and supporting materials. We show you how to download hundreds of student and teacher worksheets. Select, press and download — it’s that simple!

Introduction to the Great Word House™

This welcome video shows how to access all the “rooms” of the GWH™.

Creating a Student or Class Profile

Learn how to label and file your lesson plans for a specific class or student.


Review or sharpen your understanding of key Orton‑Gillingham concepts and teaching strategies offered in the GWH™ video library.


We have hundreds of worksheets to promote phonemic awareness and auditory discrimination.

Create Syllables & Graphemes Lesson Plans

In quick easy steps you will learn how to create hundreds of lesson plans based on syllable types and graphemes.

Create Affix Lesson Plans

Teaching a prefix or suffix? We have lesson plans that focus on one high frequency Anglo-Saxon prefix or suffix.

Create Spelling Rule Lesson Plans

Lesson plans can be based on a spelling rule, which is applied when adding suffixes, such as, the 111 Doubling Rule.

Select Latin Morpheme Lesson Plans

This video guides you through steps in downloading a lesson plan teaching a Latin root, prefix and suffix. The full downloadable package is explained.

Select Greek Combining Form Lesson Plans

This video guides you through steps in downloading a lesson plan teaching a Greek Combining Form or Greek morpheme. The full downloadable package is explained.

Using the Scope & Sequence

Need some extra help? This explicit guide for our Anglo Saxon elementary curriculum explains what syllable type and grapheme choice to make for each of our 12 levels.

Supporting Materials

Explore the range of Supporting Materials available to enrich any lesson.

Cluster Lesson Plan

Lesson plans can be created with the focus on initial or final clusters (blends). This video explains how to create lesson plans that focus on particular groups of clusters.


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