Phonological Awareness

How to Teach Phonological Awareness

This video explains what Phonological Awareness is and how to promote it. This skill is essential for developing reading and spelling ability. The video shows how to teach this complex process by scaffolding and breaking the skill into steps that progress from simple to complex. Several activities are demonstrated.


The video shows the importance of reading with appropriate intonation, where changes in intonation can reflect a variety of intentions.


Pausing at the appropriate time when reading is often a function of obeying punctuation marks. This video shows how to make the student more aware of punctuation and how to teach a systematic way of pausing for commas and periods.

Word Awareness

Reading fluency is built on many skills, including word awareness. This video helps the teacher to proceed systematically when teaching students to read, starting from simple two word phrases to longer more demanding sentences.

Onset & Rime

This video demonstrates how to teach onset and rime units using shapes as a memory aid and to emphasize this natural break in words. It is an intermediary blending step sometimes needed for students who are having difficulty with automatic recall of word families (rimes) and the consonant(s) that precede them.


This video shows how to promote auditory discrimination of syllables in a word.

Counting Phonemes: Make the Rabbit Hop

Segmentation of words into phonemes can be fun. Here we use cute toy rabbits to help the student break words into phonemes.

Activities with Objects

These fun activities help student discriminate beginning, medial and final sounds using objects.


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